Friday, November 20, 2009

So annoyed

I think I was not meant to be a runner. I still have not been able to get my runs in. It was Wednesday before I was finally feeling well enough to eat again. But I woke up Tuesday with the worse rash ever. (I have never had a real rash before) It is from my thighs to my armpits on both sides. Thank goodness it's not itchy and only slightly painful to touch. Turns out that I have folliculitis form being in our new hot tub for only 15 mins. What makes me the most annoyed is that everyone else has been in it everyday up until Tuesday and I am the only one that this has affected (not that I want anyone else to have this). It is so bad, that I have been on antibiotics since Wednesday night. It is slightly better, but it is still bad. I still don't want any clothes rubbing on it, so running is still out. I won't let anyone get back in the hot tub now until my husband does something to get rid of what ever caused this to me. I am so annoyed!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I truly am. I had been running for 6 weeks straight and sporadically since. I also changed to healthier eating habits and did not loose 1 pound. Not one. I got sick Thursday night. Came on rather suddenly when I was getting ready for my run and now 3 days later, it appears I have lost 5 lbs. That's right 5 lbs!!! I can't win.

I still don't feel altogether better yet, but I am getting there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new begining

For my husband that is. After much harassing, I was able to get him to run tonight. He initially sad no, but after pointing out the need to exercise in graphic details for him, he gave in. I hope it's not this hard every night to get him to run. This is very much needed for him, according to a recent test he had done, he already has some permanent heart disease. He's yet to start on his cholesterol medicine, despite the dire need. I'm hoping all the info I gave him tonight will convince him to do the right thing. So far week 1 day 1 complete. Let's hope getting him to run on Friday goes smoother then this.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 7 Day 3

Wow another week done!!!! When does the running get easier or maybe I should say, enjoyable? I still don't enjoy it, but do it because i know I should. Tonight's run seemed to go by quicker. But that's because is my new favorite site. I watched Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. It really makes the time fly by. Although it was a bit hard to run while crying (I always cry watching that show!!)

My husband has been cleared to exercise now. So hopefully I can get him to start running tomorrow.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 7 Day 2

Does it really count if it's been a week since I last ran? But that's what the app on the ipod said, so I push on. It has been a busy and crazy weekend. I have barely had a chance to rest, so much going on and so much to do. The weekend started on Friday with Doctor appts, that were not the best, shopping for birthday party supplies and into Sat with a lot of running to do, on top of all the usual cleaning that needs to be done, as well as getting a homemade Apple pie baked to take to a baby shower in the evening. Sun was just as busy with 6 loads of laundry to get done in between having my daughters Birthday party at the pool and getting her packed for an overnight school trip today. So once all of that was done, I ran. I was tired before starting but it felt good to be able to sustain my pace for the whole 25 mins. Usually it is my left leg that gives me some trouble at times but it was my right leg last night. Nothing major, just maybe should have stretched first. The run was good and I did it!!! I thought maybe I would try to get a little running in tonight, but I am so tired after an extremely busy day at work. Got out almost an hour later then usual. On a positive note, the hot tub is almost ready for use. My husband was draining it tonight after putting the jet cleaner in yesterday. He'll wipe it all down tomorrow and fill it up and it will be ready to use after that (once the chemicals are just right) That will certainly feel good after a run, the cool air and the hot water, ah Heaven!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Check up

My check up went well. The doctor was very pleased with everything. I go back in 3 months and if i still haven't lost any weight, we will pursue the hypothyroidism route then. So in the meantime I will continue to run and hope the pounds come off. My husband on the other hand did not have as great an appt as me. He has been instructed to not run or to do any strenuous exercise until all of his testing is done. So for him, he will hopefully start with healthier eating habits. I will continue to encourage him in the right directions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Short lived

That's what my recent success seems to be. After running only 1 Day, my husband is done for now. He says next week will be better when he's not so busy at work. I told him there will always be an excuse, so just DO IT. But didn't happen. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I am hoping that the doctor really stresses exercise and healthy diet to him. I have a feeling his cholesterol is still high since he is unable to view his lab results online like I was able to. My labs were essentially good. The only thing is my TSH is a little high, which would explain why I haven't been able to loose any weight despite my change in easting habits and all the running. Hoping for big changes after our appts tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bug and a small Success

I seem to have come down with a slight stomach bug. Nothing like last year when I thought I would literally die, but enough to be bothersome and prohibit me from eating and sleeping normally. So no running last night. I thought I might try, but it turns out that eating dinner, no matter how hungry I was, was not a good idea. But now on to the good news.

Success!!!! My husband finally did Week 1 Day 1 on Mon night. It wasn't too bad for him, other then the fact he didn't really stretch first. He said his breathing was OK (although it sounded labored at times to me) the whole time but his shins hurt. Tonight I will be trying to get him back on for Day 2. I'm hoping if I can get him to do this long enough for him to see results and then he'll want to do it on his own. Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back on track

I decided today was as good a day as any to resume week 7 day1 of c25k. It felt great and was easily doable, especially after on those incline last week. After the first 5-6 mins of running my breathing finally evened out and I was able to complete the run without being so out of breath. My legs held out for the long haul though, they were burning and numb afterwards for quite a while though. But no pain, no gain!!!! Another conclusion about running that I have come to is that semi-large boobs and running don't go together very well. I've tried a couple of different bras, and the one that works the best is also the most uncomfortableist. It is very snug, go for running, bad for breathing. But I guess I can't have everything.

My husband says he will start running tomorrow. I am going to try and hold him to that. He knows he's going to the doctors on Friday and that he will probably be discussing his weight. I don't care what it is that is getting him to run, I'm just glad he's willing o do it.

I came across another program I may try on another blog (thanks Mr &Mrs F). It is the 100 push-up challenge. I'm still looking into it, but I am seriously considering it. I love these weekly programs that advance you slowly. They seem to work, or at least c25k does. I should begin looking into 5K's that I may be interested in since i will be finished the program soon. I wonder if we have a Turkey Trot around here?


I plan on restarting some kind of diet tomorrow. I need to make changes, not just for me but for others to see and hopefully follow. I am concerned about my husband. I have been asking him since I started C25K to please join me. He always has an excuse. He is becoming more overweight, not obese by any means, but certainly overweight. He is only 36 yrs old and very much out of shape. As was I. I notice now how short of breath he becomes with physical activity. I see his unhealthy eating habits. I can't make him change. I try citing reasons why he should exercise or not eat the junk food, but it falls on deaf ears. A year and a half ago his cholesterol was dangerously high. He was having another issue and the doctor said to come back after that was resolved to start on medicine. He has never been back. I was able to get him to go get blood work this past weekend and we will both be seeing the doctor on Friday. I am hoping he can talk some sense into him. You see his father died at age 50 of a heart attack and his grandfather died in his early 60's of a heart attack. I fear he may be next.