Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disastorous Year

Well January started out good, but by the end of the month it all went down hill. We bought a puppy and the next day I fell. As the days/weeks progressed I was having more and more pain in my knee area. Saw my Primary who referred me to Ortho who said probably torn meniscus, ok to continue to walk on. Pain continued to increase until I had an MRI the first of March which showed a stress fracture at the end of my left femur at the knee joint and was immediately put on crutches, non weight bearing for six weeks. By now it's the end of April and I'm weaning off the crutches and doing Physical therapy. 1the first couple of weeks of May went ok, then the new therapist over stretched my leg and I was having pain again. Another MRI showed the fracture had healed but new bone bruising was present. I was supposed to stay off of it as much as possible and stop therapy to allow it to heal. But that didn't matter because now I was having pain in my right butt cheek that progressed down my leg and eventually having numbness in my foot. The pain became unbearable and I ended up in the ER the first of June. After many tests, and MRI showed that a disk had burst was lying on my sciatic never and I needed back surgery. I had my surgery on June 16th. Recovery was long. I had no muscle strength in either leg now and the sciatic nerve pain was resolving, but ever so slowly. My right calf became so tight, I could no longer stand with my foot flat. I was out of work for 3 whole months to recover enough to go back the first of September. I'm finished therapy but my calf is still tight. I can walk and function but I can't bend certain ways. The cold weather is making the calf tightness worse some days and my back achy, but what can you do. I am just thankful I am recovered enough to work and care for my family. Needless to say, the New Year's resolution didn't last past January. My resolution for next year is to just continue to heal and be thankful for what I have.

Oh, I left out how a week ofter my surgery, my husband broke his right foot and couldn't work or drive for six weeks. We were both stuck in the house together!! Thankfully our oldest daughter could drive and shop for us. It was a long miserable summer for everyone!!!

Here's looking to a new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!