Sunday, March 14, 2010

Every Day

I have used my Elliptical, that is. I still love it. I get on it every night. I can feel the burn in my legs.I can feel my heart pound away. I can feel the sweat running. All of those are things that should lead to me loosing weight and getting in shape (I hope). So far, no change on the scale has been seen. I am not giving up hope though. I will continue to workout each day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


That's about all I can say about my new elliptical. I love it. The pre-programmed workout's are very challenging for me and really are a workout. I chose the weight loss program at the beginner level. I really had to push myself to not quit and was glad when I finished that I didn't give up. The one thing I would do differently would be to remember to use the fan. It has a built in fan but I forgot about it until the end. I also have an iFit card to use also, I hope to use this daily. That being said. I was supposed to run this morning but now the elliptical is in the way, so I couldn't get the treadmill open by myself. I hope to get things rearranged tonight. I would still like to get my run in today.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was able to start and finish my run last night on the treadmill. I had little to no difficulty. I also ran without my shoes. They seem to be my problem. I hope to one day be able to run outside, but for now, I will continue to challenge myself on the treadmill. The elliptical should be here tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am not a runner. I drove to the school and there was practice down on the track field, so I came home and decided to run through the neighborhood. It's a little hilly but I thought, how bad could it be. Well besides being hilly, it is really cold. I figured since I would be running, that it would be OK. Wrong on all accounts, it was really cold. By the time I finished the warm up walk, my legs were so cold they were numb. But I pushed on, I began to run. As soon as I started to run, it just so happen to be a hill to run up. I could barely do it. My shins hurt, my chest hurt from the cold air and my lungs were burning. I had to stop, I tried to just walk but my lungs were burning so bad and my ears were hurting from the cold air. I just wanted to cry, so i called my husband to come get me. I am still trying to warm up as I type this. My chest feels better, but my ears still hurt. It may be a while before I try to run outside again. I will do my treadmill later today though.

Marching on

I have now completed 2 weeks of running. Plan on starting week 3 today. Contemplating whether to run outside or not. If I do, should i go to the track at the school or run through the neighborhood. There are hills in the neighborhood, and there will probably be others up at the school. Decision, decisions. I am super excited about this week. Last week was my birthday and my husband bought me some new running shoes, something I have never had. Although I find it difficult to run with them on. I feel on the treadmill that I need to go aster then usual, but I also feel as though I am going to trip and fall over my feet if I don't look down at them. So I am hoping that running outside works out OK and I don't fall. The other reason I am so excited is that he also got me an Elliptical. It comes on Monday and I can't wait to use it. Pretty soon I will have a whole gym in my bedroom. Maybe we should move the old bow-flex in the basement up here too, since no one uses it down there. Hmmm, something to think about!!