Friday, January 13, 2012

Not too bad

I have spent very little time in my room and after the first few days, it's not so hard anymore. I enjoy being downstairs. I find that my family spends more time downstairs too, especially my husband. I don't have to ask him, he just brings his stuff down and we sit together. Noone has asked me yet why I have been spending so much time out of my bed, but I definitely think they notice. My youngest will call up to her sister to come down too so we all can watch something or play a game. I am loving this. I can slowly feel some of my depression melting away.

Another positive, is the pain is gone for now. I have been feeling like my self or almost a week now. Minimal to no nausea, I'm eating more. I know in a month the cycle will start all over again, I'm just hoping for less pain this time.

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