Thursday, January 22, 2009

I did it

I walked on the treadmill. I finally stopped making excuses for not walking. I gave myself a lecture today. I don't understand why I could be so stubborn when it come to some things, but couldn't be disciplined enough to just walk on a treadmill regularly. I figured I must not have wanted it bad enough. But I do, I need to loose weight. I am determined to loose weight. i kinda lost my will after I decided not to have another baby not matter how much weight I lost. But i need to loose the weight no matter what my future holds. I need to be healthy. Healthy body = Healthy mind.

This has been a rather tough week at work. My boss had a recurrence of her breast cancer last year after many, many years in remission. She had surgery and chemo and as been doing well. Worked through all of her treatments. Very upbeat and optimistic. This week she learned that it has spread to her brain and has started radiation. She also has a taken a leave of absence from work. She has 2 girls in their early 20's. She may never she her grandchildren or even see them get married. I have had a hard time taking this all in. It certainly brings home the need to cherish everyday for what it is, a blessing. I want to have many more days, so that has been my motivation for wanting to be healthy. I hope that i will be able to tel her what a motivation she had been for me after I have lost my weight and gotten back into shape. I guess I better get my ass in shape soon, so I CAN tell her.

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