Sunday, January 18, 2009

Too long

That's what it's been since I've last written. The holidays were a bit busy. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a little stressful for me, since money has been a little short this holiday, but it turned out nice anyway. Now time to play catch up with some of the bills.

Cinderella had an awareness project due after the first of the year. She choose to raise money for the SPCA. Since she waited until a week before the project was due, her options were limited. But in one week she was able to raise $116 and almost 100lbs of food to donate. i was very proud of her. She was very proud of herself too. Now to see what kind of grade she gets. The grading will all be on the written part of the project and not how much money was raised. So we will see.

As for exercising, it has been almost non-existent since I last wrote. It was busy through the holidays and the last time I walked a week ago or so, my foot that I broke a year ago really started to hurt again. Maybe next time I should wear my shies when I walk on the treadmill.

Mickey is getting excited about the Superbowl. He's hoping his team will make it this year. We'll find out today. Everyone will be here today to watch the game. Last weeks game was very exciting here. Afterwards we went to the airport to greet the team when the got home. There were a lot of other fans there too. The energy level there was amazing. So we wait for today's games to start. I think the waiting is the worst part.

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