Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow

I haven't checked in here in a while. How ironic that I wrote about snow on my last post, because we have been inundated with snow over the last week. We recently went on a cruise the end of Jan. It was wonderful. But since we have been back, approx 10 days, it has snowed 4 times. These last 2 times have been blizzards. The first one, last weekend gave us about 30 inches of snow. The 2nd blizzard today has added another almost 20 inches of snow. The total of snow for this year alone is up to almost 83 inches ( I think last years total was maybe 20 inches if that). And in case you were not aware, I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!!! There has been talk of another possible snow storm on Mon. I don't know what we are going to do. Grocery stores are out of food, unable to get deliveries, gas stations are out of gas (not that I could go anywhere to need gas), the snow plows are getting stuck on side streets, since some are yet to have been plowed since the first storm on Fri. It is just crazy. The news stations have been on the air since Fri night. I really would like to see some regular TV, thank you very much. Well, since I am pretty grumpy about this whole thing, I better go.