Saturday, February 27, 2010

Off the couch again

I have resumed running again. I am doing c25k again. I made it through week 6 last time, so this time I am starting at week 1, but on an incline this time. I completed week 1 earlier this week and am starting week 2 today. I finally went out and purchased a good running bra. I love it, I think. It was kinda expensive as far a bra goes, but it does what it is supposed to do. However it is a little snug, but I guess that is how it does what it does so well. I still need to invest in some running shoes though. I am also considering getting a game for the wii, the Active Personal Trainer. It looks encouraging. Today I played Wii outdoor challenge with my daughter and I must say, it was tiring. There were times I could feel my thighs burning. I have been trying to eat better, but keep getting sidetracked in that department. A lot of these diet/healthy foods, give me a lot of gas. Not a good thing to have at work. Eventually I will find the right combo of foods that I can stick with. But for now, off to run to start week 2!!!

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