Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rough week

That describes my week. Getting over the stomach flu has taken most of the week. I went back to work on Tuesday, but was utterly exhausted. I didn't eat any real food until Wed night. Slowly my appetite has come back. By Friday I was finally feeling like myself. This was the worst time to get sick with only a few days left until Christmas. There was still ALL the shopping for every one's gifts and the wrapping and the baking. So between Thurs, Fri and today. Everything is just about done. Only a few gift cards left to buy, some of the wrapping is done and all the baking is now officially done. I am exhausted again. So is Mickey, seeing how he is the one that did all the shopping these last couple days. Last night he didn't even come home until after midnight. I love him for getting all the shopping done for us. With out him, everyone would be getting gift cards.

Tinkerbell is making blankets for a couple of people. They are fringe no-sew blankets. They are very cute and she is so proud of herself. I know everyone will love them.

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