Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new begining

For my husband that is. After much harassing, I was able to get him to run tonight. He initially sad no, but after pointing out the need to exercise in graphic details for him, he gave in. I hope it's not this hard every night to get him to run. This is very much needed for him, according to a recent test he had done, he already has some permanent heart disease. He's yet to start on his cholesterol medicine, despite the dire need. I'm hoping all the info I gave him tonight will convince him to do the right thing. So far week 1 day 1 complete. Let's hope getting him to run on Friday goes smoother then this.


FatManRunning said...

Let him know that, if this fat man can do it, he can do it!

Mickey & Minnie said...

Thanks, I will. He has never seen my blog before, Maybe I should let him start reading it. I would introduce him to the C25k forum but it always seems to be down.