Friday, November 20, 2009

So annoyed

I think I was not meant to be a runner. I still have not been able to get my runs in. It was Wednesday before I was finally feeling well enough to eat again. But I woke up Tuesday with the worse rash ever. (I have never had a real rash before) It is from my thighs to my armpits on both sides. Thank goodness it's not itchy and only slightly painful to touch. Turns out that I have folliculitis form being in our new hot tub for only 15 mins. What makes me the most annoyed is that everyone else has been in it everyday up until Tuesday and I am the only one that this has affected (not that I want anyone else to have this). It is so bad, that I have been on antibiotics since Wednesday night. It is slightly better, but it is still bad. I still don't want any clothes rubbing on it, so running is still out. I won't let anyone get back in the hot tub now until my husband does something to get rid of what ever caused this to me. I am so annoyed!!

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