Sunday, November 1, 2009


I plan on restarting some kind of diet tomorrow. I need to make changes, not just for me but for others to see and hopefully follow. I am concerned about my husband. I have been asking him since I started C25K to please join me. He always has an excuse. He is becoming more overweight, not obese by any means, but certainly overweight. He is only 36 yrs old and very much out of shape. As was I. I notice now how short of breath he becomes with physical activity. I see his unhealthy eating habits. I can't make him change. I try citing reasons why he should exercise or not eat the junk food, but it falls on deaf ears. A year and a half ago his cholesterol was dangerously high. He was having another issue and the doctor said to come back after that was resolved to start on medicine. He has never been back. I was able to get him to go get blood work this past weekend and we will both be seeing the doctor on Friday. I am hoping he can talk some sense into him. You see his father died at age 50 of a heart attack and his grandfather died in his early 60's of a heart attack. I fear he may be next.

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FatManRunning said...

You can tell him that this 5'8" 300+ lb. guy was able to start AND FINISH the Couch-to-5k program. If *I* can do it, *he* can do it.

Trying it and failing is one thing. Not trying at all, well...that's just CHICKEN!