Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 7 Day 2

Does it really count if it's been a week since I last ran? But that's what the app on the ipod said, so I push on. It has been a busy and crazy weekend. I have barely had a chance to rest, so much going on and so much to do. The weekend started on Friday with Doctor appts, that were not the best, shopping for birthday party supplies and into Sat with a lot of running to do, on top of all the usual cleaning that needs to be done, as well as getting a homemade Apple pie baked to take to a baby shower in the evening. Sun was just as busy with 6 loads of laundry to get done in between having my daughters Birthday party at the pool and getting her packed for an overnight school trip today. So once all of that was done, I ran. I was tired before starting but it felt good to be able to sustain my pace for the whole 25 mins. Usually it is my left leg that gives me some trouble at times but it was my right leg last night. Nothing major, just maybe should have stretched first. The run was good and I did it!!! I thought maybe I would try to get a little running in tonight, but I am so tired after an extremely busy day at work. Got out almost an hour later then usual. On a positive note, the hot tub is almost ready for use. My husband was draining it tonight after putting the jet cleaner in yesterday. He'll wipe it all down tomorrow and fill it up and it will be ready to use after that (once the chemicals are just right) That will certainly feel good after a run, the cool air and the hot water, ah Heaven!!!

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