Thursday, December 11, 2008

An exhausting day

My day started at 1am this morning. I had turned over in bed shortly before this to see Tinkerbell in my bed,now his often happens on occasion. I was awoken a very short time later by the sound of her vomiting in my bed, all over the top blanket. Mickey is much better with vomit then I am (no matter how long I have been a nurse, it never gets easier.) We all go up and headed into the bathroom. By this time it was all in her hair and on her pajamas. I got as much out of her hair as I could without throwing up my self. Mickey and I changed the sheets and got a new blanket. I decided to let Tinkerbell stay in my bed in case she got sick again, so we could help her. I got her a small bucket lined with a plastic bag and placed it next to Mickey on the floor. Instructed her to call for it if she felt sick again. By this time I was wide awake. They both fell back asleep easily. So I read my book for about an hour and then started to daze off. Just about this time, Tinkerbell tells me she doesn't feel good. I call to Mickey to get the bucket. As he leans over to reach for it, Tinkerbell proceeds to vomit all over him. I have never seen him move so fast before. He was up, clothes off and in the shower before we even got up to get in the bathroom. It has gotten all over the new sheets and blanket again. After cleaning everything up and changing the sheets with the last clean sheet I had, I placed Tinkerbell in her bed with the bucket next to her pillow and a bell to ring, if she needed us. She continued to throw up through out the night. Only she made it to the bathroom each time and her bed/room never got dirty.

By the time Cinderella was getting up for school, I was trying to go back to sleep for the umpteenth time. She was nice enough to show me, while Tinkerbell was throwing up again, how the dog had thrown up on the rug. I about lost it. I don't want to see another speck of stomach contents, ever. I told her to throw the whole thing out on the porch. After Cinderella left for school, Tinkerbell did sleep for about 2 hours. I was able to get some rest too. I called out of work today and fell back to sleep. I was awaken again by Tinkerbell, only this time, she has started with diarrhea ( in her pants) So into the shower she went, besides we really still needed to wash her hair. I told her not to make the water too hot, it might make her sick. What so you know, she was calling me because, she started to throw up again. Only this time onto the floor outside the shower. Thankfully that was the last severe episode of the day.

I spent the rest of the morning, cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. I also had a lot of laundry to do. She has been better. Able to keep some Popsicles and crackers down with some ginger ale. Her stomach still bothers her, but still better then this morning. I also made her a scrambled egg. So far so good.

I am exhausted, I can't wait to get into bed. I'm glad my little girl is feeling better. Hopefully no one else gets it. I have never used so many Clorox wipes before in one day, in one room. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good nights sleep for everyone.

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