Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wonderful meeting

Last night we finally met up with my friend for dinner. This is the first time we have met in person. We had a fabulous time. It was as if we have been friends forever and it was just another night out together. The girls behaved so well. I am so proud of them. We were there for about 4 hrs and they never really fidgeted or asked when we were leaving. I told her the next time she visits it will have to be when it is warmer. It was just so cold outside, that after dinner we just took them back to their hotel. If the weather had been nicer, we may have walked around the town for a bit.

Cinderella has been working on her science fair project for school. Not as much as she should have, because it is due on Tues. We spent most of the day after church gathering data, and making graphs. Most has been printed out, but apparently she left the layout instructions at school, so she will have to do the editing and such tomorrow. I'm guessing no bowling for her tomorrow night. She'll have to finish printing and make the project board instead.

Mickey has been steadily busy adding lights to the outside of the house. When he woke up this morning it was snowing, so he went outside to take some pictures of the lights and house with the snow. I still have to upload them from the camera. I will eventually get some pictures up here.

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