Monday, December 1, 2008

Eggs and Venison

While recanting my holiday with my co-workers today, I realized there was a couple of incidents i had forgotten about. I'm thinking it was a purposeful lapse in my thoughts. I know had mentioned Mickey putting up Christmas lights outside all weekend, well what I did forget to mention is that while he was out there Saturday night putting up some spiral Christmas trees in the yard, a car drove by and someone yelled something at him. When he turned around to see who it was, he was hit with an egg in the groin. I was inside and heard him yell some profanities, and looked out to see going down the street. When I called to him, he came back to the house, extremely mad. He spent the rest of the night staring down every car that drove past our house to enjoy all the lights he had put up. What was even more amusing (not that he found any of it amusing) was today when he got home from work, our neighbor had written on 6 eggs and put them all over the front yard. He had no idea who had did it. It wasn't until after dinner that Cinderella spoke with our neighbors son, who confessed. We still don't know who the initial culprit of the egg was, but no other harm has come to Mickey or our house/decorations.

The other incident that I have been trying forget about, happened yesterday. It was a cold rainy day, and upon walking up the stairs I looked out the window at the top, only to see my neighbor behind me. Apperantly he had been hunting over the weekend and was successful. He had a deer hangign from a tree that he was cleaning. Way to gross for some unexpecting eyes. I had to close all the blinds. While I realize that this is what hunters do and that's all fine and dandy, i was caught completely off gaurd when looking out into the yard. Luckily the children did not see any of it. That just gave me another reason not to open the blinds anymore. And I was sure once the summer was over and all their party's were over, that they wouldn't bother me until next summer. Boy was I wrong!!

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