Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of rest

Not sure that is what I really need after 2 weeks of not running, but that is what I am doing today. I have plans for a run tomorrow so I can get back on track for Week 7 on Mon. I have been trying to loose weight and that has not been happening. This has been very discouraging for me. So this week I have started to keep track of what I have been eating. I have "an app for that" on my phone. After only 2 days of keeping track I and see why I have not lost any weight. I love this app, it shows me in graph format what my intake is verses my exercise. My intake is way more the my output (so to speak). I either need to decrease what and the amount that I eat or increase my physical activity, or both!!! So I plan to start anew on Mon. I know, I know why wait until Mon, but I have no will power and so if I set a date I can plan for it and I am more likely to stick with it. So for a few more days I'll continue to track my foods, so I can formulate a plan of change for next week.


FatManRunning said...

When you've been used to filling your plate using your eyes, the idea of using a measuring cup seems crazy. The first time I put a half-cup of rice on my plate, I thought "Yeah, like that's going to fill me up." If you can force yourself to cooperate with proper portion sizes, even for a week, I think you'll find that the battle gets a little easier.

I've been watching my intake for about two weeks now, and I've been very surprised. Not only surprised by how many calories I had been eating, but by how quickly my stomach started getting accustomed to smaller meals.

In closing, here are a few tips from my playbook:

1) If you don't want to measure, start by serving what you'd normally eat, and then slide half of everything onto another plate.

2) Instead of using a dinner plate, use a lunch plate or a cake plate. Of course, for this to work, you can't mound them high to make up for the lack of diameter.

3) Plan your snacks. Especially when you start, your body may seem hungry a couple of hours after you eat. Plan for it. Have a half hard-boiled egg, a small apple, or a granola bar available. Plan to snack between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner.

Best of luck to you! You can do this!

Mickey & Minnie said...

Thanks for the tips. I hate to diet, so I think I will start with the smaller plate idea.