Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday break is over

The long holiday weekend is coming to an end. It has been a very productive and relaxing time. The house is clean, the decorations are coming along, and the time spent with family was nice. Today has been especially nice. While the weather was cold and dreary, we had a good day. My sisters kids spent the afternoon with us, while they shopped for a new TV. The 8yo watched football with Mickey. The 6 yo played barbies with Tinkerbell. I was able to get the dishes and the laundry done. After they went home, we ate dinner (not so good pizza) and rearranged the family room to make room for the Christmas tree. Last year we put it in the corner, but since then we have installed a gas fireplace there, so we had to find a new spot. We ended up taking the corner piece out of the sofa and having the sofa go straight across and now the Christmas tree is in the other corner of the room. The girls put all the decorations on and it is lovely. It looks nothing like the one in the formal living room. This one is full of handmade ornaments by the kids and Disney decorations. I seems more warm and inviting to me.

While putting up the decorations, the kids asked about having another baby. They would like a little brother or sister. I tried to explain to them that it really is not a possibility. I unfortunately have something called hyperemesis gravidium (hg). I spent the first 4-5 months, sick (vomiting) non stop. It usually requires hospitalizations along with iv fluids. I would love to have more children. I just don't know how it would be possible. I need to work, I need to not die while pregnant. Having another baby could mean possibly risking everything. I know it sounds extreme, but I'm not exaggerating. My heart aches for another child. But who knows maybe someday it will all work out. A girl can dream right?

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