Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 6 Day 3

These weeks just seem to be flying by. I now have another week under my belt. It took me until today to be able to get it in. Things have been a little busy here lately with my daughters birthday coming up on Tuesday and also we've been shopping for bathing suits. Hard to find now that summer is over, but we will need them for Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. I spent the weekend doing some much needed cleaning for the party this week and baking a cake. I recently saw a recipe for a rainbow cake, so I thought I would try it. There are 6 layers (for all the colors of the rainbow). I will icing it tomorrow. It was early evening by the time I got on the treadmill. 25 mins seemed like a long time. But by watching King of Queens, I was able to run with out much struggle. I did run at my previous speed of 4mph. For week 7 I will try to up my speed with the longer runs. What I did discover is that my iPhone app really only works if my iPod is playing, otherwise it doesn't tell me when to run/walk unless I look at it to check. Luckily I do check my time pretty frequently. Next time I will have my iPod running as well, even if I am watching a movie. I am still debating whether or not i will do any runs this week or not. I have so much to do just about every night until we leave. If I have time I will run but I'm not getting up early to do it this week. Too much to do!!

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