Friday, November 28, 2008

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the all out cleaning has started. My day started extra early today. I got up at 4am and bought my gifts on line. The best way to shop, if you ask me. Was able to avoid the cold and the crowds and there is also the guaranty that I will get what I wanted. After that Mickey was nice enough to go out and get Dunkin Doughnuts. Boy were they good. Haven't had any in a long time.

I have spent the whole entire day cleaning up the downstairs. Nothing was actually dirty, just stuff everywhere but where it belonged. Nobody seems to put the movies back in their case and back on the shelf. Toys seem to stay in the family room forever. And don't get me started on all the baby doll stuff Tinkerbell has set up all over the house. After all that was cleaned up, then it was on to the kitchen to tackle the un-ending pile of mail that seems to build up. I went through every single piece and after finding the shredder in the dungeon of a basement, shredded everything we didn't need anymore. Tinkerbell was in charge of actually putting the papers in the shredder. Of course I forgot how quickly that thing fills up, and of course it got so full that it got jammed. Boy was that a mess to clean up. But after picking all the little jammed up pieces out, I was able to get it working again.

I really think the worst part of cleaning today was trying to find a place to put all the stuff we just seem to keep acquiring. But I did. After everything was picked up, I dusted and vacuumed. Now the inside (at least the downstairs) is ready for decorations. Mickey is outside now putting up some lights on the house. I will try and get some pictures over the next couple of days of the house and post them. It will be almost Christmas before he gets all the lights up that he wants to get up but I'll post them as he goes along. I am exhausted now and am considering taking a nice long bath. Come to think of it, I don't think I've had a bath since Mickey put the TV in the bathroom above the tub. That was best idea I think we had during the renovations. A perfect way to end the day.

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