Monday, November 17, 2008

Stressful day

Well, there is no new haircut to discuss. I got a call that my hairdresser had to cancel for tonight. Hopefully I will still be able to get it done this week. We'll see.

Tomorrow I am going for a stress test at my Cardiologist office. Apparently he was a little concerned at my appt last week that I have been unable to exercise without getting short of breath and having some chest discomfort. The last one I had 3 yrs ago was a challenge in itself. I'm sure tomorrow will prove to be the same. Some of the challenges are the fact that I do not own a pair of regular tennis shoes. All of my shoes are slip on with no backs, so trying to run while holding your shoes on your feet tends to present some issues. The other part that is a bit uncomfortable is the paper vest they give you to wear over all those leads.. Might as well be naked. So I'll have that to talk about tomorrow.

The rest of my night consisted of helping Tinkerbell with her school project. She called me on my way home from work to tell me it was not a choice of doing it and it had to be done and turned in tomorrow. So after dinner, she had to read a book, create a project on poster board and write a summary about the book. She did get it all done with some help from Mickey and me. And in case you are wondering the crock pot chicken turned out okay. It was kinda like a pot pie with out the crust.

Sorry I don't have too much today, but I am tired and need to rest before my stress test at 8am.

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