Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home alone

The princess have left for an overnight trip with my parents, they will be home for dinner tomorrow. It's so quiet when they are gone, I really miss them. I thought that this would be the perfect day for Mickey and I to get some shopping done. Boy was I wrong. He has been home all afternoon watching football. Most Sundays it doesn't bother me, but today, we could have gotten so much done.

So instead, i went to visit my friend in the hospital. She just had her twin girls yesterday. They were the sweetest things. I could have stayed all day and held them. They already seem to have their own personalities. The littler one cried a lot and always had her eyes open, looking around. Like she didn't want to miss anything. The other one, slept almost the whole time. Very laid back and easy going. They were just perfect though. She also has an older son, who is 13 who was just enamoured with them. She is very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

I hope Mickey will get hungry soon so we can go out and get something to eat. The game has to be over soon, I just hope he doesn't have to watch the next one too.

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