Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting started

My plans are to track my thoughts and activities daily. While I find my life to be boring mostly, there are some shining moments. By writing them all down, I'm hoping to create some great memories to share. My family consists of me, Minnie, my husband Mickey, my oldest daughter Cinderella, and my youngest daughter, TinkerBell. We also have many pets, we will call them Bruno, Lucifer, Pluto, Marie, and Duchess.

Today has been like any other ordinary Sunday, besides this new endeavor. I have been home alone cleaning and doing laundry. I also did a little grocery shopping too. I plan on making some chicken in the crock-pot tomorrow. I've never done this while not home before, so we will see how it goes. Because you see, around here Mickey does most of the cooking. He gets home from work an hour or more before me so he has humbly taken over this duty. While I enjoy having dinner ready when I get home, the mess he creates while cooking is overwhelming sometimes. While he cooks, he doesn't do dishes, so I get the clean-up after dinner is done.

I still have laundry to fold yet today. I have the 3rd load in the wash now, 3 more loads to go. When I say "fold" laundry, I really mean put on hangers. When we remodeled the house, we all got walk in closets. When I say all, I mean we each got our own, including Mickey and me. So you would think doing laundry would be easy, right? Well, it is much easier now. I would get so frustrated when I would spend so much time folding laundry and putting it away neatly in every one's drawers/shelves only to find it the next day a mixed up heap of clothes. So I really shouldn't complain now, but laundry is still laundry. Also when we remodeled, Mickey wanted to move the washer and dryer up to the top floor, I didn't want too. I told him I didn't have a problem carrying the clothes to the basement, and besides I didn't want to have to listen to them while they were running at night either. But I have to admit, it would have been nice (don't tell Mickey I said that). But not for the reason you are thinking, but because of Lucifer, Duchess, and Marie. They live in the basement most of the time and their litter box is in the laundry room. If anyone knows of a great litter box that doesn't smell and works wonderfully, please let me know.

Well back to cleaning. I hope to post more tomorrow. And hopefully I will have a new haircut to discuss.

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