Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crazy comments

I go to work yesterday with my drastically new haircut. I hate drastic changes like this because it is very noticeable and everyone has something to say. While appreciate all the nice comments, there is one in particular that drives me crazy. I don't know how many people at my work, who see me 5 days a week. said to me "Did you get your hair cut?" Uh, Hello!!! Finally i just said, NO! I mean do you get it. Obviously I got my hair cut. Probably more then six inches. Why do people feel the need to ask, why not just say, "Wow, you got your hair cut" or even just "That looks nice" But that initial shock for everyone is over now, so hopefully next week will be better. I do need to work on how to style my hair my self now. It always looks great when the hairdresser does it. I am going out today to get some hair products to work with it a little.

I didn't walk on my treadmill yesterday. I will walk twice on it today to make up for it. Does that really count. I should probably just walk all day, since I keep eating the rice krispie treats that Tinkerbell made the other day. I just have such a weakness for the homemade ones. What is it about them?

I have been talking to Mickey about how I would like to get a a new camera to learn how to take more professional pictures. I love taking pictures and trying to get it from a different angle to show other perspectives. I just don't know where to start. I wouldn't even know how to use one of those cameras. So I will continue looking into it. But I should really be saving my money to go back to school. I just need 2 more years to finish my degree. Most of it can be done online. I just don't know if I could really be motivated without any really structure or time frame to finish. I work best under the pressure of a deadline (and not one's I set for myself)

Well I'm walking on my treadmill now as I type, not so easy. I usually like to hold on, so this isn't going to work. But it was a good idea. Maybe a goal to shoot for.

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