Tuesday, November 18, 2008


That is what my Cardiologist says. Apparently that is a nice way of saying to get your butt up and exercise more. But all in all my test was good and my heart is fine. The test itself went OK, even though I forgot to wear my tennis shoes. I was rushing this morning and accidentally wore my crocs. But it turned out OK, I was able to just wear my socks while I walked. Much easier this time in that respect. But i think I may have pulled a muscle in my neck from trying to hold on as the treadmill went faster and the incline increased, and I had to use only one hand while they were getting a BP on the other arm. So Mickey has moved my treadmill up to our bedroom so I can use it while i watch TV. There was no TV in the spare room downstairs where it was. So let's see, in 3 mo I have lost almost 20 lbs by changing my diet and no exercise, what do you think adding exercise to the routine will do?

Not much other new going on today. Tinkerbell took her project into school, only to find out the teacher was out today and it won't be turned in until Fri when the teacher returns. But at least it is done. Tonight was Book Fair night at her school, so we went up and got a new book. It's call "The Tiara Princesses". We started it tonight and so far she has read me 2 chapters and it is pretty good. I have her read to me, otherwise she would never read the book on her own. Cinderella has bee reading the books from the Twilight series and is really enjoying them. She has finished the first book and is working on the second. The movie comes out on Friday and she really wants to go see it. I don't really know what the books are about so i have started to read the first book. I don't want to see the movie until I've finished the book and I'm only on page 18 out of 400. Her best friends don't like the book, so I'm not sure who she will go to the movies with yet, maybe her Dad.

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