Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have not been this excited for a while. We (mostly me) have been busy looking up information to get away and go on a vacation. We have a small trip planned in Oct to go to Great Wolf Lodge with my sister and her family. I am only minimally excited about that trip. The kids are pretty excited though. My hope is that I will be in better shape by then and will be able to enjoy going to a waterpark. The bigger excitement goes along with the trip I am planning for Jan. We will be going on a cruise. Not just any cruise but a Disney cruise. It will be for 4 nights. The kids are not excited about going on a cruise at all. The younger one is a bit nervous I think because she doesn't know what to expect. The older one is afraid the the boat will sink like the Titanic or that pirates will hijack the boat. I have been reassuring her constantly that the chances of the those things happening are slim to none, since there are no icebergs in the Caribbean. She seems to be coming around. I am so excited!!!!! I also plan on being in better shape and actually being able to enjoy myself on this trip. No more sitting out or having to push myself because I don't feel good. I already am feeling less short a breath when I do things now, so I can't wait to be able to just enjoy myself and my kids. Disney cruise here we come!!!!!!!

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