Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 2 Day 3

Another week down. I was really tired this morning but I got up and did it anyway. The runs were definitely easier then they were on Monday. I am really surprised about that. At work I have been taking the stairs (3 flights) for over a year now and this week is the first time I noticed not being winded after I ran (hurried) up the stairs. It felt good. I'm a little concerned about being able to do week 3. Even though the runs seemed easier then Monday, they were not a piece of cake. I didn't feel like I could have run longer. But I will try on Monday because I really want to succeed. I have two trips planned that I will be in bathing suits a lot and I want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. What I am a little surprised about, is that I have not seemed to loose any weight. I have been dieting for 3 weeks and running now for 2, but my weight seems to stay the same. I guess I should just be pleased that I have not gained any weight. Like I've said before, I really don't care about how much I way as long as I feel good about myself. I still feel the same, not any smaller :(

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