Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 2 Day 2

Is complete, but barely!! This morning did not start out so smoothly and I almost didn't workout. I'm thinking now, I just should have stayed in bed. I had asked my husband to wake me up today @ 6am, since the kids were going in late to school today (had dentist appts). He woke me up at 6:20am, which didn't leave me enough time to be done before the kids had to get up and get ready. After waking fully, I decided I had time to workout and could shower while they ate breakfast. Seemed like a good plan, right? So I change to workout and as I am doing my warmup walk (1 min 30 sec into the warm up), I closed my eyes for a minute to re-think how I should best plan my time for the morning. I was just thinking I should probably hold on while walking with my eyes closed, when my left foot stepped of the treadmill and my right foot shot out behind me and got stuck under the plastic edging on the treadmill, but I was able to catch myself with the hand rails. So no real harm was done it seemed. I retrieved my iPhone from across the room (I may need a new one by the time I get done with this program), and restarted my walk. All seemed to be going well, except the one time had to stop and let the dogs out, be/c they would wait. When I got to the cooldown walk, then started to notice my right foot and ankle were beginning to hurt. By the time I was all done and showered, I realized that almost all the muscles in my body hurt from the fall. I have been so sore most of the day, I have just been taking it easy. I will do the same for tomorrow as well, since Friday is another work out day.

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