Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 4 Day 2

I can hardly believe that I am writing about Week 4!!! I did do my runs on the treadmill yesterday. It is still a struggle to get up at 6am to run, but I do. It was easier then Monday. I can make it through almost the whole 5 mins before I really start dreading the running. That last 1 min or so are really a struggle. But I push myself and I get through it. I really do not enjoy running, it's just not fun. What I do like is the increased stamina that I have. I love that I am able to do things for extended periods without getting out of breath. Even carrying the vacuum up the stairs is easier. I love it!! Another thing that I am not liking is the achyness that I have been feeling in my left leg. It doesn't feel like muscle aches, so I'm not really sure what it is from. But I will try again Friday. Hopefully this won't stop me from running. Besides I want to be able to say that I did it!!

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