Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Day 3

The 4th week is complete!!! I love this exercise/running program. It really does what it says it will do (so far). I am amazed each week when I am able to complete a week and the 3rd day is easier then the 2nd and certainly the 1st day. I never believed when I started this 4 weeks ago that I would actually be able to run. I hope that I would, but never really expected it. What is a surprise today is that I was able to get my run in. Last night was a bad night. I was up for a while not feeling well, having abd pains and nausea. My alarm went off this morning @6am to run, but I just turned it off and rolled back over. I barely made it to work this morning, but by the end of the day I was feeling better. When I got home I got my run in be fore dinner. I felt great. I was even able to increase my speed a bit tonight. I went almost 2mi in the 30 mins. That was the furthest yet!!

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