Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 1 Day 2

Sure does feel good to be another day closer to my goal!!! It is still a struggle to get up and get going but I am determined to do this. This mornings run started out a little rough, despite the fact I had on my old tennis shoes and a new sports bra this time, because I forgot to get my water bottle before I started. So about halfway through I was so thirsty I could barely swallow, so I jumped off and got a sip out of an old bottle of water that was next to the bed. Not refreshing but it got me through the workout. This morning was certainly easier then Mondays run. I hope this trend continues, b/c I don't want to be the only one in history that has to repeat week 1.

As for my husband joining me on this journey, it has yet to happen. He says he wants to do it too but that his hip is really bothering him from bowling on Sunday. So I'll just keep encouraging him to join me.

I have also decided that I am only going to weigh myself once a week. I like to see big results, little aren't enough to keep me going. So today's stats don't look much different then Mon.

Time - 30min
Distance - 1.6 mi
Running Speed - 4.2-4.3
Walking Speed - 3

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